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Finally Police Arrest FAKE Actor “Mike Godson” (Miracle Eze)

Mike Godson

Nigerian actor, Mike Godson has been talking about people impersonating him on Facebook for a long while now and finally, he has brought one of the numerous admins to justice by getting him arrested.

The said young man is a 400L Student of Ambrose Ali University of Department of Theater and Media Studies.

According to the actor, the said imposter knows everything about him and has been defrauding people, asking for nude from ladies and in turn using these videos to blackmail them once they refuse to continue sending money to him.

Mike shared a video of the young boy on his Instagram page and wrote;

The Lagos State Area ‘J’ police commander ordered the arrest of this young man (Miracle Eze) a 400Level student in the department of theatre and media studies Ambrose Ali university ekpoma.

He is behind one of the many fake accounts following me on Instagram and Facebook. Lifting my videos and pictures to defraud my fans.

He watches and monitors my posts. This guy knows virtually everything about me. He tells his victims he would marry them.

After gaining their trust and defrauding them, he begins to ask for nude pictures and videos to enable him to blackmail them once they refuse to send more money.

These guys keep destroying the images of celebrities!!! but today, this one has come to the end of the road as he goes to ( jail). May this video serve as an example to the rest of them out there.


A fresh case of sexual assault between lecturers and students has left many alarmed as an alleged gay lecturer might have come to the end of the road with his uncompromising tantrums and his victims.

While reports of harassment between lecturers and female students loom in University of Lagos, and Obafemi Awolowo University, an engineering lecturer of the Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, identified as Engineer David Aremu Oluwafemi has been accused of sexual harassment and campus extortion of male students.

According to the most recent victim and course representative of the class, Lasisi, the said lecturer is known for his sexual assault of only male students in the department and ensures that during exams, he searches only male students to enable him check out their privates.

The said student alongside a colleague took to report the incident at Petals FM, Ibadan, during the show; “Taloye” shortly after escalating the matter to the management of the Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan.

As at the time of this report, the management of the Federal College of Agriculture is having a press conference and have reportedly set up a committee to look into the case of the alleged homosexual lecturer.

The statement of the course representative reads;

I got o know Engineer David Aremu Oluwafemi after he was introduced to us in class as the lecturer for “Theory of Structure”, “Livestock Mechanization”, a combined course with Animal Production HND1.

The first day he walked into the lecture room, he asked us to pick a course rep and my colleagues voted for me.

He told me that there are some things he wants the course rep o do for him, which includes refreshment after every lecture compulsorily and i spend N500 every week without the knowledge of my coursemates because he warned me not to disclose that information to anyone and added that he has spies amongst my coursemates so he would find out if i go against his instruction.

He later said that every month, i must subscribe for his monthly data on his two lines (MTN and Airtel).

I was later invited to his house and his reason for that is that if i don’t come to his house then i am not close to him lie how a course rep should and my attitude towards him would determine if my colleagues would pass or fail and any student who failed his course in time past failed because their course reps did not cooperate with him
I then asked what to do to ensure that all 18 all my classreps would no fail. Meanwhile prior to this time, i have heard rumors of his sexcapades.

A now viral audio was shared by the victim who is heard trying to stop the lecturer from perpetrating the sexual act but the lecturer asks him o be silent, insisting as he breathed heavily, that whenever he engages in such act, he doesn’t speak.

Another male student confirmed the allegations saying that the lecturer hates women but is sexually attracted to men and asked the class to contribute money for an infinix pro 4 worth N84,000 at the tme of the request but now N104k
The school management has now reacted to the reports and officially released an official statement to that effect.

US Embassy suspends its consular services in Abuja till further notice

US Embassy in Nigeria says it has shut down its visa and consular services section in Abuja until further notice.

The embassy which did not give any reason for the action in message posted on its website said scheduled visa and American Citizen Services (ACS) applicants for Abuja would be contacted for rescheduling.

“Until further notice, all consular appointments at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja have temporarily ceased for both visa and for American Citizen Services.

Consular functions in U.S. Consulate Lagos are not affected and will continue. “Scheduled visa and ACS applicants for Abuja will be contacted for rescheduling.

“American citizens in northern Nigeria with emergency services needs should continue to contact the after-hours emergency number for Abuja at 09461-4000 and press “0” to go to the operator to request assistance,” the embassy stated.

According to the embassy, American citizens in northern Nigeria with urgent travel needs who are travelling before Tuesday and who are willing to re-schedule their travel through Lagos should contact the ACS office at Consulate Lagos ( 01460 3400 and LagosACS@state.gov) to discuss their options.

“Those travelling after Tuesday should follow up with Abuja ACS to confirm their appointments closer to their appointment date.
Please monitor the Facebook and Webpage of the U.S. Embassy for a later announcement of resumed consular operations in Abuja,” the embassy stated

See The 3 Types Of Guys That Are Not Qualified To Use “Na Dem Dey Rush Us”

Like joke like joke, ‘na dem dey rush us‘ is taking over our online space like kilode. Coman see the way people are rushing to use #NaDemDeyRushUS for every conceivable situation under the sun.

A Facebook page with over a million members had their own “Na Dem Dey Rush Us” #NaDemDeyRushUS festival yesterday. Everybody wanted to be on the bandwagon even if what they came up with was very lame.

Talking about the lame use of #NaDemDeyRushUS, what is it with some people that always like breaking laws? They just go and pick totally inappropriate scenarios and start writing, ‘yen yen yen, na dem dey rush us.’

Okay, it is good for laughs and all, but there is also the abuse of popular culture. Shuo! Don’t they know that foreigners who want to learn Nigerianese might get confused with the out-of-context usage of ‘na dem dey rush us’ or #NaDemDeyRushUS?

That is how they would mess up and Urban Dictionary would decide not list the #NaDemDeyRushUS for lack of clarity.

For those still confused about how and when to use ‘na dem dey rush us’ or the hashtag #NaDemDeyRushUS on social media, read this article.

You even get educated about how, like play like play, the trend started and caught on in Naija.

So, just for the records guys, here are the people who shouldn’t be disturbing us with inappropriate use of ‘na dem dey rush us’ or #NaDemDeyRushUS.

1. Ugly Guys

Some people have simply lost the ability to differentiate homemade jollof from party jollof I swear! It is criminal behavior.

Talking about criminal behavior, if you know you have a good chance of defeating Obasanjo in an ‘Ugly Contest’, it is a criminal behavior to also use ‘na dem dey rush us’ when people like Kunle Remi are talking about how hard it is to keep the females at bay.

Nobody is saying being ugly is a curse or something. Look at Adams Oshiomhole, did his looks stop him from marrying that insanely beautiful lady?

But he respected himself and waited until he had tons of money abi?

So if you know you are ugly, don’t abuse this unique Naija slang phrase and be posting nonsense like, ‘Fine boys like us, na dem dey rush us.’

Respect yourself!

2. Broke-Ass Guys

There is broke and there is broke-ass. Broke is a temporary condition (like maybe you don’t have enough money to take her out today) while broke-ass doesn’t have a remedy in sight. The two must not be confused.

So is it good to jump on social media and be saying things like, ‘Rich guys like us, na ego dey rush us. #NaDemDeyRushUS’ when you know are as broke as an apprentice area boy and actually look it? Is that not fake news?

If you feel the need to misinform social media about anything, try packaging yourself small before doing it. You don’t want your legacy in this life to include one of those who sabotaged the unique Naija phrase ‘na dem dey rush us’ trust me.

Having 30 billion in your account like Davido is not a criterion, but at least have something reasonable before showing yourself.

3. Unpopular Peeps

Have you heard of DJ Smatty P? It’s a pretty good guess you haven’t. That is because his game is not tight enough to be known.

So imagine Smatty P going #NaDemDeyRushUS when he is finding it difficult to get common gigs like birthday parties for kids.

People like that need their brains reset so they can understand simple concepts and how misuse can damage their destiny.

This also applies to people on social media who have just a few hundred people following them. #NaDemDeyRushUS is not for them.

Up your game first, or like those desperate Internet marketers would say, chose a niche where you are obviously slaying first before going to town to market yourself. That seems like common sense from any angle you chose to look at it abi?

So, before using ‘na dem dey rush us’ in a sentence make sure it is relevant to your situation. If you mess it up, don’t be surprised if suddenly a #NaDemDeyRushUS campaign is started to rush you out of social media.

See How Anambra Commissioner Of Education Dressed (Photos)

A Facebook user shared how his mum, Prof. who doubles as the commissioner of Education in Anambra State dressed after some school girls from the state won gold medals in the US.

Ndi Anambra, behold your Award winning and Harvard trained Hon Commissioner for Basic Education, Prof Kate Omenugha. She has the mandate to drive the vision of His Excellency, Dr Willie Obiano in providing a globally competitive Education to umu akwukwo ndi Anambra. She is determined and not giving up in delivering this mandate. She is on move. We wish her well.

Young boy hacks government website in 10 minutes and changes election results

A viral news currently trending have it that a young boy hacks government website in 10 minutes and changes election results.

The 11-year-old boy named ‘Emmett Brewster’ was said to have hacked into a replica website used by the Florida Secretary of State to report election results and changed the election results once he gained access into the site.

He was able to hack it in just 10 minutes. This happened last Friday at this year’s DEFCON hacking conference in Las Vegas.

At the conference, Emmett and many other children were offered the chance to hack into a mock-up of a Secretary of State website.

According to DEFCON spokespeople, the kids were offered 13 replicas of Secretary of State websites, with Florida being the first. Emmett succeeded in hacking Florida’s website in only a few minutes.

Emmett was one of about 50 children between the ages of 8 and 16 who took part in a kid-specific workshop at this year’s hacker conference.

According to Quartz, the kids were able to manipulate various things on the mock websites, including vote counts, candidate names, and party names.

7 year old girl left in severe pains after being defiled by a 40 year old man

It was quite a tearful day on the 13th of August when a 7-year-old girl was seen crying uncontrollably after she was allegedly defiled by her 40-year-old neighbor, amidst fears that he would evade justice.

The incident according to reports, happened at Precious Seed close, Oworo, Lagos – it was gathered that the suspect identified as Wale, had been doing it for long and the mother of the victim refused to take a decisive action.

However, things got escalated on Monday after other neighbors heard the cry of the victim, Esther – Wale was promptly arrested and dragged to the Alonge police station, Oworo.

The girl was thereafter rushed to the hospital, but the fear now is that the suspect will bribe his way out if the state government doesn’t take up the matter.